Tuesday, September 29, 2020

What have we been learning?

Math: We just finished Module 1. Students have learned these terms this past month:

-Array, equal groups, divide/division, multiply/multiplication, product, commutative property, row/column, factors, parentheses, quotient & distributive property

This week, we will be starting Module 3!

Writing Workshop:

Students worked on creating summer lists & we began launching our writer’s workshop (narrative writing unit). Students learn how to identify, use, & write exclamatory, interrogative, declarative, and imperative sentences. We wrapped up this unit with our "4 Types of Sentences Project." As we move further into our Narrative writing unit, students dove into watermelon vs. seed topics. I wanted students to be able to zoom-in and focus on one event to describe in detail. As well, students practiced writing "show vs. don't tell" sentences. For example, students had to show, "I was scared" and some students  said "My body was shivering with fear!"


We completed our first text set, where students listened to many books with the theme of kindness.  While listening to the stories, students recognized that acts of kindness (big or small!) can make a large impact on other people's lives.  Our essential question through this text set was: Why is it important to be kind to others?  

Our second text was about families and our guiding question was, "What is special about being in a family?" Students listened to 5 stories about different families who shared experiences, traditions, and memories together.  We discussed the genre of each book, discussed comprehension questions to check for understanding, and tried to identify the various messages of the stories.  To culminate this text set, I posted our guiding question on FlipGrid, and had students record their responses.  

Last week, students finished their third text set on animals last Friday.  This was our first text set including nonfiction books, and students read about several different types of animals.  Each book had detailed illustrations and students were asked to notice how authors present & organize information in different ways.  The guiding question of the text set was: Why is it important to learn about the animals that share our world?  Students completed a FlipGrid assignment to share their answer to this question.  

Monday, August 24, 2020

Welcome Back!

Hello Families!  

I hope you all have had a fantastic summer and that you are ready for an amazing year in third grade,  I am so excited to begin my second year at Hynes teaching a new group of fantastic third graders!  We will be working on many exciting and challenging activities this year, and definitely becoming more tech savvy.  Every week we will be reading many types of stories and poems.  We will be busy writing narratives, informational texts, opinion pieces, poetry, and more!  Get ready for fractions, multiplication facts, and area & perimeter in Math.  Social Studies and Science units are full of lessons and projects that teach us about our world. 

You'll use Google Classroom, Zearn, and other programs to help you learn this year.  If you ever have questions or concerns about class, please ask!  I want you to feel GREAT in our virtual classroom as you learn and grow in third grade!  

Click here for a short welcome video!